Company Profile

Locally Made Test Interface Manufacturer

Gold Technologies, Inc. (Goldtec) was founded in June of 1998, starting with one initial customer. Using loans and seed money, we have grown from an idea in 1998 to a top notch, well known supplier in the high-performance test and burn-in socket, custom connector industry, custom thermal chambers, strip contactors, or any test interface challenge.

Our slogan “Making Your Connections Golden” means Goldtec is dedicated to these four principles:

1.) Customers come first

Our customers helped found the company, and many of our senior leadership have previously been unhappy customers on the receiving end of “typical” test sockets from other suppliers.

2.) Market concentration and focus

We concentrate specifically and only on test sockets and high-performance connectors, while many of our competitors lose focus on PCBs, handler conversion kits, test programming, thermal systems, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with these other items, but their design and engineering employ different skill sets and technologies. We are experts at what we do -- contacts. Also, there is no conflict of interest for us to work closely with suppliers who are experts in any of these related fields.

3.) Vertical integration

It is our plan to manufacture all of the components and parts of the products we sell. By doing so, we can offer the best values to our customers in terms of price and delivery. This idea is why we began spring probe manufacturing in 2002.

4.) Managed growth with profitability

GoldTec has been profitable since day 1. We have self-funded multiple successful expansions and currently operate in the heart of Silicon Valley.