Gold Probes

Unique precision machining technology using state of the art Swiss made machines–Barrel components made using a unique and proprietary process (patent pending), for uniform characteristics

Proprietary Au alloy used in signal path components

Proprietary plating & tip geometry minimizes cleaning requirements, maximizes life and electrical characteristics

Field proven spring selection algorithm provides ideal balance between force, CRES and lifespan

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Proprietary Plating, Tip Geometry & Manufacturing Process Specialized alloy has very low affinity to Pb, Sn, Pd, Au, Si & Ni lead finishes combined with extreme hardness (>800 KHn) to handle the full range of contacting needs with very long lifespan and less frequent cleaning.

Proprietary Plating, Manufacturing Process & Spring Selection MethodologyUnique (patent pending) process that results in absolutely uniform cross-section, combined with precisely controlled 100 micro inches (2.5 µm) Au plating and time tested spring force selection algorithm results in ideal balance of CRES, L and longevity. Goldprobes™are the most consistent, longest lasting probes in use today.

Radius Point tip for very low PCB pad wear and low parasitic losses.