PCBs - Receptacles - Interposers - Adaptors

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• Load Board /Interface board design
• Load Board /Interface board manufacturing
• PCB component assembly
• Interposers, Receptacles and Adaptors

PCBs - PCB configuration checklist or questionaire

We build PCBs for testing:

• Chip Set
• Read/Write Channel
• R/F Product
• Microprocessor
• Telecom Product
• A/V Product
• Memory

RF Load Board:

• Dual PLL Synthesizer-2.4 GHz/0.5 GHz
• 5.5 GHz Highly Integrated (SOC) RF Transceiver
• 5 GHz PLL Synthesizer
• 2.2 GHz PLL Synthesizer w/internal VCO
• 2.2 GHz high performance VCO, final test
• 2.2 GHz high performance VCO, membrane probe
• Mother/probe board for monolithic 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet MAC/PHY device

ATE System Expertise:

• Agilent: PinScale, HP93000, HP83000, HP94000.
• Credence: SC312, Octet, Quartet, Sapphire, DUO, ITS9000, Vista Vision.
• LTX: Fusion, Fusion CX.
• Teradyne: J750, Catalyst, Flex, Tiger.
• Yokogawa: TS6700, TS6730.
• Advantest: T5335P, ND1.

Design Software:

• Schematic Capture: Orcad
• PCB Layout: Allegro
• Mechanical Layout: AutoCad


Receptacles are the interface between the socket and circuit board when testing chips. If the  socket breaks down, do not throw away the board or spend time re-soldering a new socket in place. Just use your Goldtec receptacle to connect another socket and continue testing. 


Goldtec designs and manufactures a wide variety of chip, board and socket adapters which could be used to convert from one footprint to most other footprints taking into account I/O assignments. Adapters could also be used to convert new test sockets to allow usage of existing test fixtures.

PCB Substrate Type:

• FR4, FR5   
• Polyimide
• GeTek
• BT Resin
• Cyanate Ester
• Teflon
• Rogers

PCB Manufacturing Capability:

• Max. Board Size: 22” x 28”
• Gold Body: 50 u” thick max.
• Impedance Control:  +/_ 5%
• Line Space: Inner: 3 mils, Outer: 3 mils
• Line Width: Inner: 3 mils, Outer: 3 mils
• Aspect Ratio: 1:15    
• Layer Count: 50+
• Min. Hole Size: 3mils

PCB Special Process:

• Via-in-Pad (Filled & Plated Vias)
• Vacuum Sealed Vias
• Mixed Dielectrics
• Blind/Buried Vias
• Sequential Lamination
• Aspect Ratio: 1:25

Quality Control:

• QC Online
   - Check point
   - Design guideline
   - Open / short test
   - Impendence verification



Interposers function is to connect a pitch translating board and an existing board. Its interface between a device, a pitch translation board and an existing board that that has different pitch then the device. If the device and the board has different pitch, do not remade another device or board, Just use your Goldtec interposer  to connect the device and the board. 



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